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Amazing!! Jen, I was reading on Becky Higgin's blog and she had a link to your blog!! You are famous! Not that I needed to be directed to your blog. I am already a regular and I love catching glimpses of your life and seeing all your cute pictures. I would love to get together sometimes. It seems like whenever we make it to Vegas our time is super crazy. I think we will be headed there after Christmas. Maybe if life isn't to busy for you and us we can get together and do dinner or something.


OK - how hard am i laughing right now??!! i don't know WHY, but when i first read through who wasn't paying attention during FHE i thought it was YOU!! and then i wondered why you wouldn't let yourself get yogurt. so i reread it. and i still thought it was you. and then i started thinking, but why would jen roll around on the floor...that doesn't seem very jen-like. think THAT would have tipped me off the first time! very funny.


ellie is the funniest person i know


Hi - It's me from the 'where did you get your couches' email! Be so proud that you DID family home evening. Lately if we just make the attempt we feel like we should win the Best Parents on Earth award! We're pathetic!


loved it! haven't seen presley in forever. she is beautiful! poor ellie. does that mean you didn't get any either? even boring days are fun to read about!

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