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Karen in Brookville

I'm not sure what the hair problem is with your daughter, but have you tried Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner? My daughter swims almost year around and she gets some pretty nasty hair. This stuff makes it extremely managable, soft and silky. I thought it was worth a mention!
Also, have you tried a loose braid at night?

chris jenkins

i 2nd the Aussie stuff. my twins have awful hair when it is long. hence that is why it is short at the moment. can you believe i have lived in vegas almost my whole life and i've never been to the orchard? love the pumpkin idea. also have loved the everyday blogging.


Have you tried Mane n Tail conditioner for your daughter's hair. It was developed for horses originally, but they have products that are safe for humans as well. I haven't ever used it, but I know a lot of people who think that it is the best thing since sliced bread. :~)

Jamie M.

My daughters had very tangly hair and my oldest's hair always looked dry and course like a nest on her head. My sister took us to Sally because they were running a promotion to get a free purse if you bought 3 products (and I can't say no to a free bag) and we picked up some Ion hair products. I use the Ion anti frizz solution lightweight moisture and detangling leave in conditioner. It is in a pink spray bottle. We spray that on after her showers and then blow it dry and we have not had any problems with tangles like we used to. In addition to that I use the ion silk solutions silk drops, it only takes a small amount and I smooth that on her hair after I have curled it. Her hair has started looking a lot shinier and softer, plus we don't battle with tangles anymore. The silk drops are about 9.00 but there are 3 of us who use it every day and we have only used 1/3 the bottle in 2 months. Good luck girls hair is always so much fun!!

scott stewart

We only read the BOM in our house at bedtime. No pictures.


Love your blog : ) I've been reading since the summer but never commented (sorry). Anyways, just thought I'd pop in with some book suggestions (since I just finished re-organizing my six year old's book shelf (never -ending) and some titles are fresh in my brain...A Bad Case of Stripes, any Skippy Jon Jones book (hilarious reads), Kirby Kelvin and the Not laughing Lessons (also funny), and Dinosaurs Love Underpants...maybe you already have some of these, if not enjoy! Thanks again for a great blog : )


I love Bridger's tippy toes.

And Scott's comment.


Charlie's Superhero Underpants by Paul Bright is a favorite at our house right now, not sure who loves it more me or my 4 year old.

jessie miller

Those pumpkins are so cute! I may need to steal that idea...

jessie miller

oh and books we like in this house these days include " how do dinosaurs say goodnight" and "how do dinosaurs say i love you", Big Words, and I love the Pinkalicious book... even though I don't own it since my child is a boy, i've bought it for a few baby showers bc it is darling.


The Snugliest Snuggle in the World by Nash Howarth


I used to do Ten on Tuesday back in the day! (meaning up until two months ago...) Love the pumpkins idea - since we move fairly often and don't have tons of storage (right now anyway) I love the idea of fall decor that you don't have to pack/put away! I plan to scatter some mini pumpkins around our home and see how long they last - hopefully awhile. But our Grant L-O-V-E-S Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - lucky for us we are 30 minutes from Disneyland too so he can see his favorite characters every so often!

We are dying over here for 30 Rock to start - Netflix has got us by, but we will be very happy when it returns. Good luck with your everyday blogging - I don't think I could ever dream of following through with that!


Favorite books in our house right now:
The Rain Came Down
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub
Smash Crash
Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late or any of the pigeon books

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