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What a lovely family you have. I had to laugh when you said you love the back to school shopping coming out. My daughter and I both love it too. We also had our shopping date to buy new clothes and shoes (my son opted out - he prefers I just buy it myself). Oh my heaven, it gets expensive as they get older! We are doing our photo shoot in the morning - tomorrow is their first day. Sniff.


So glad you are blogging I am doing the happy dance.


I love your stinking kids! They have all gotten so big!! And I can't promise this is the last time I will mention this, but can you and I plan an arranged marriage for our kids? I mean, come on….Tanner and Brooke would look lovely together. Don't tell them I said that, they would both probably roll their eyes simultaneously at me! But isn't that a great plan!?!?! Then our paths will never separate and we will be real family! Done!!

Valerie Page

It's so much fun watching them grow up. I can't believe how much Kate reminds me of Brynley when she was in kinder. How is it possible that my little kindergartners are going to be in tenth grade next year and driving? It gives me such happiness to watch all my kindergartners grow up to be such mature, smart, and friendly individuals. I hope her freshmen year was so much fun. Taylor enjoys seeing her at the Shadow Ridge games.

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